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    Manicare 3 Way Make-Up Mirror has both magnifying and plain options. Features 2 x magnification.


    Glam by Manicare All Over Powder Brush is a powder brush that evenly disperses powder to help set and complete makeup. It features high quality synthetic bristles.


    Mary Kay® All-Over Eyeshadow Brush is a versatile eyeshadow brush that excels at blendability, application and pickup. Its tapered shape helps it fit naturally into the eyelid’s delicate contours, while the flexible bristles quickly blend to help diffuse edges. The synthetic bristles are compatible with liquid, cream and powder.


    Mary Kay® All-Over Powder Brush is a powder brush that helps deliver a flawless finish. It has a precisely curved dome for fast application and it excels at blendability, application and pickup. The synthetic bristles are compatible with liquid, cream and powder.


    Osmosis Angled Blush Brush is a soft goat hair brush that provides a light application of blush and bronzer. This fool-proof brush is perfect for those with a heavier hand, making blush applications balanced and not too heavy. 


    Osmosis Base Brush is a dense, flat top, synthetic brush for full, smooth coverage. The Base Brush has a short, user-friendly handle and can be used in stippling motions or soft, sweeping motions.


    Nude by Nature Base Shadow Brush is an eyeshadow brush that offers defined, flawless eye make-up application. It is ergonomically designed for control, and crafted with high-quality synthetic fibres for gentle control.


    Osmosis Beauty Sponge is a sponge makeup applicator. It is a blending tool that can be used to seamlessly apply, blend and contour makeup. It provides a flawless finish.


    Osmosis Blender Brush is a fluffy, goat hair, domed brush that is ideal for use with finishing powder to set under eye concealer and to complete eye looks.


    Glam by Manicare Blending Crease Brush is a crease brush with a dome-shaped head that can be used to quickly and effectively blend product.


    Mary Kay® Blending Sponge is a versatile, reusable tool that helps achieve a flawless finish. Featuring an easy-to-grip ergonomic design and custom dual edges, it’s perfect for precision application and blending of liquid and cream foundations, concealers and more.


    Mary Kay® Brush Cleaner is a brush cleanser that eliminates make-up residue to leave brushes clean. The fast-drying formula helps brushes provide true colour between applications of different shades and textures.


    Osmosis Brush Cleaner is an easy to use brush cleaner that extends the life of brushes. Key ingredients include grapefruit extract, cucumber extract and chamomile extract.


    Glam by Manicare Buffing Foundation Brush is a foundation brush that will buff in product for a streak-free, smooth complexion.


    Mary Kay® Cheek Brush is a multitasking 3-in-1 cheek brush that helps enhance, sculpt and highlight cheekbones without leaving harsh lines behind. It excels at blendability, application and pickup. The synthetic bristles are compatible with liquid, cream and powder.


    Mary Kay ® Compact, which comes unfilled, has a magnetic design that makes mixing and matching simple. It can hold eye colour, cheek colour, powder, two bronzers and application brushes. It is durable, refillable and highly customisable. The scratch and scuff-resistant surface features a special coating that can be easily wiped clean. Magnets should not desensitise credit cards, hotel room keys, parking lot tickets or gift cards in a purse.


    Mary Kay ® Compact Cheek Brush is designed specifically for precise, even application of the Mineral Cheek Colour. The angle of the hair complements the new shape of the refill pans for the Mary Kay ® Compact. The Mary Kay ® Compact Cheek Brush is recommended to apply cheek colour and bronzing and highlighting powders.


    Mary Kay's Compact Mini (unfilled) features magnetic areas that create an easy to use refillable system that is flexible and holds hundreds of possible options. Choose combination's such as, a foundation refill, a pressed powder refill, three mineral eye colours and one cheek colour refill or a six mineral eye colours refill.


    Osmosis Concealer Brush is a brush with synthetic, compact bristles that provide the ultimate under eye coverage.


    Osmosis Contour Shadow Brush is a soft, compact dome brush made up of fluffy pony hair for effective detailing. This multi-tasker can be used to define and sharpen the crease, add detail or highlight the brow bone.



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