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    Biologi Bf Hydration Body Serum is a unique blend of fruit acids and vitamin C that hydrates and softens to leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. The body’s moisture retention, suppleness and skin elasticity are all improved by the hydrating qualities found in Finger Limes. Bf Hydration Body Serum increases moisture retention, protection from environmental factors, collagen production, skin elasticity and suppleness, skin tone and brightness. This serum decreases spots and blemishes, redness and damage from sun overexposure, dimples and cellulite, dryness, bumps and flaking. Contains 100% Finger Lime.

    5ml / 50ml

    Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Bust Firming Complex is a rich satiny cream with a gentle calming scent that brings new firmness and resilience to the bust and decolletage.



    5/5 stars from 2 reviews

    Caci ChillSculpt® is a fat reduction treatment using cryolipolysis technology that freezes and reduces fat cells. It’s not a weight loss solution but it is ideal for reducing unwanted fat that cannot be easily removed through diet and exercise. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and requires no down time, each treatment only takes around an hour. The first step to find out if this treatment is right for you is to book a consultation.

    Latest Review:
    After years of hard work at the gym, there were stubborn areas on my thighs that did not move. I decided to try Chillsculpt to see it would help. After 6 sessions I lost 5cm on my left thigh and 6cm on… Read full review

    About Face Nail File and Polish is a treatment where nails are shaped then followed by a lick of the colour of your choice.


    About Face Pure Fiji Luxurious Spa Pedicare includes a coconut milk foot soak, sugar rub exfoliation and foot and leg massage with a luscious body butter masque to hydrate. To finish, cuticles are groomed and nails painted.


    Save Our Skin By Innoxa BreastVolume increases appearance of bust volume, firms the bust area and improves skin elasticity. Active ingredient Adifyline® is clinically proven to help boost the production of fatty tissue beneath the skin. Gravity is defied, elasticity enhanced and breast volume increased by up to 30% after 56 days*. Dermatologically approved, free from nasty chemicals and not tested on animals.

    *Results in accordance with clinical tests by Lipotec.



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